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You could be forgiven for thinking there is something in the water in Birmingham.

The UK city has been responsible for the unveiling of a lot of much needed female talent on the UK scene over the last few years, including the rise of artists like Lady Sanity and TrueMendous. Now Nehanda is continuing the trend and elevating her city even further.

Nehanda’s career was ignited in 2019 when she appeared on the all-female posse cut, The Switch Up, which featured 12 MCs from around the country. The success of that track catapulted her into an industry about which she knew very little, and so she has taken the time over the last 12 months to learn the ropes and find her feet, in the midst of a very male dominated environment.

Nehanda has said herself that she finds it difficult to pinpoint who she is as an artist but her music provides plenty of clues. A good starting point would be her debut, 33 Ways to Assassinate Your Character, which rose from the ashes of a toxic relationship. It’s a prime example of her skill in finding the good in the bad; digging those silver linings out of an avalanche of grey clouds.

And so to the future, Nehanda is plotting her next moves, including more collaborations across the board. Her recent work with UK bass legends, Hybrid Theory, was only the tip of the iceberg, and also gave us an insight into the ease with which Nehanda can switch from genre to genre.

So, with more recording, more collaborations and more busking – an activity close to her heart and at the centre of her musical journey – on the horizon, it’s clear we are only just beginning to see what Nehanda has in store.

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